Live Bait Vending Cups and Containers

Greg Steckel Enterprises, LLC is the exclusive US distributor for premium bait cups and containers from Polymos Manufacturers.  Our vending bait cups were specially designed to be used in Live Bait Merchandiser machines in order to provide superior service for maintaining bait in a fresh, ready-to-use condition longer than any other brand of machine bait cup on the market.

In addition, our cups and containers can be used for over-the-counter bait to help standardize your supply chain as well as provide an improved level of bait protection and storage when being transported in vehicles or boats.  

9 oz. and 20 oz. Premium Live Bait Cups from Polymos, Inc


The new round 9 oz. Live Bait cup from Polymos, Inc.  was specially designed as an insulated leak proof container that is ideal for minnows and other live bait that you will want to keep in a stable environment for long life - put the "Live" back into your live bait.  This is the only insulated leak proof cup that can be used in the Liberty and Sportsman Live Bait vending machines.  Simplify and standardize your supply chain and use it for other vended live bait as well as any over the counter bait you may carry.

The Polymos, Inc. 20 oz Live bait Vending Cups are premium insulated cups that are superior to any other vending cup on the market and are the only cups that can be used in the older LB 170 Live Bait Vendor machines.  There are two types of vending bait cups - The round minnow cup and the round bait cup.  Both look alike and are the same dimension of 4.75" H x 4.25" W


The Polymos, Inc. 12 oz. # 20-12 and the 16oz # 30-24 Live Bait Square Containers - These are premium insulated containers that are superior to any other bait container on the market - they can also be used in the new Sportsman bait vendor as well as for over the counter sales.

‚ÄčThe 12oz container is 4.38 x 4.38 x 1.8" and sold in lots of 1560 units in four cases; 3 base unit cases with 520 units in each and one case for the 1560 lids.  The 16oz container is 4.38 x 4.38 x 2.6" - sold in lots of 1560 units in six cases; 5 base unit cases with 312 units in each and one case for the 1560 lids


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